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The world map shows some current and upcoming medical placements. If you are interested in joining our network and see if we have a suitable mission for you, please follow our application process. Our application process takes place in three easy steps designed to ensure you are assigned missions that suit your skills and availability. To start this process please fill out the following form and we will contact you to complete the process with you and find you a mission! Read more about our partners in India and Bangladesh below or at our Blog page.

Our partners: India and Bangladesh

Sahara Aalhad is a 31 year old organization based in Pune that targets Intravenous Drug Users (IVDUs) and HIV/AIDS patients. Their work is developed through a double strategy: on the one hand they provide medical care and, on the other hand, they empower people and help them to reintegrate into society.

Sahara Aalhad works in a Care Home that hosts HIV+ and TB patients and has a recreational space for support groups. They also work with the nearest Referral Hospital for all emergencies and run regular mobile clinics in the slums over 5 sites. 98% of the staff are/have been clients. Because of this they have a thorough understanding of the issues but also have to deal with the many resulting absences.

Sahara Aalhad's wholesome approach to their clients fits perfectly in line with Fill That Gap's vision of universal healthcare for al.

GRAVIS - Jodhpur, India
GRAVIS is an Indian NGO working on community health, economic development and community empowerment among desert tribes. It was established in 1983 by Laxmi Chand and Shashi Tyagi and is now run by their son Prakash. The hospital was built in 2000 in Tinwari – a village located a 45 minute drive outside of Jodhpur, in the desert.

The hospital focuses on eye care, infectious diseases and general medicine. Its location, facilities and mandate provide it with a considerable reach, improving the lives of thousands of impoverished families with essential treatments and remedies. The medical staff is able to ensure medical access for many within the desert community, securing their future and bringing hope to the people. The Tiyagis' deep-rooted contacts with the rural communities aided and inspired the creation of Gravis and the hospital is just one of the many humanitarian initiatives spearheaded by Laxmi and his family. Their work is extensive and includes: drought mitigation; water security; education; income generation; agriculture & animal husbandry; research and advocacy and health.

MAHELERECEN - Madurai, India
Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre (MAHELERECEN) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1991. Its main activities are the detection and therapy of Leprosy cases and education and awareness about Leprosy in schools. A huge number of patients in need of care live in rural and slum areas, & the outpatient clinic is open only twice a week. Doctors are often out visiting the mobile sites covering 75 villages and an estimated population of between 3-500,000 people. Educators and volunteers do well to arrange health awareness campaigns, but one doctor is simply not enough to reach this widespread and needy population. In this background, Fill That Gap fulfils their needs through the help of volunteers keen to experience something new and challenging.

IDEA - Sylhet, Bangladesh
IDEA is a national NGO involved in development activities in the underserved areas of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. So far IDEA has implemented projects on education, food security, environment management, WaSH, women's empowerment, human rights, disaster management & primary health care.

They built a state of the art hospital in 2010 that serves a deprived area of 15 villages and a population of 45,000! This is the only health centre in this area. Despite the quality of the infrastructure, not enough investment has gone into the human resources, and the hospital struggles to get enough staff or volunteers….Just imagine what will change by filling this gap…

PDC is a national NGO working in many parts of Bangladesh to improve social and economic well-being and reduce the violation of human rights particularly targeting women.

They do so through different projects in sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention and testing. But also by providing general health care for these groups.

Fill That Gap is assisting PDC in the provision of specialist medical staff to support their work with this vulnerable population.

Our partners in India vary greatly from each other except in one important aspect: they offer incredibly rich volunteer opportunities to work in an exciting country with inspiring people.
The resilience of the people of Bangladesh is humbling, and our partners offer unique volunteer opportunities to work alongside local people and provide healthcare in urban sites as well as hard to reach areas.
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